The company Nanotrade ltd. was established in 2004 and ever since is involved in the development of novel technologies and their practical application. After years of gained experience and know-how, the company became a sought-for partner for co-operation in research and development, transfer of ideas into practical application and generation of profit from innovative ideas.

Oborný JiříOur company takes place in several projects and institution that support science and research(MPO, TAČR). Our recent co-operation with the Institute of Physiolgy of the Czech Academy of Science and the Centre for Laser Medecine Asklepion on novel anti-cancer agent is a notable example of our activity in the field.We co-operate with the Palacky University in Olomouc on the development of new nanotechnology based products for medical application. We very much appreciate taking part in the 7th European framework programme, organised by the EU Where we co-operate with notable partners such as Fiat, Bayer technology services Gmbh, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, The University of Nottingham and other.

In addition to the mentioned activities we develop other commercial projects that improve the quality of our lives or the lives of our beloved four legged friends- as in the case of TraumaPet® Ag products.