Human as well as veterinary medicine currently struggles in battle with infections complicating minor wounds and surgical scars and numerous seconday infections induced by disease of different aetiology. A frequent problem is rise of antibiotic resistance which is caused by inappropriate indication and overuse. Owing to that, much current effort is focused on the development of alternatives to antibiotics. Learning from history may be useful in this case. The antibacterial properties of silver have long been known. Making the most of its antibacterial activity is done by the help of nanotechnology. Good understaing of this cutting edge approach, enables consisten results and quality thus reliable activity. The silver contained in TraumaPet® products is the lies in the heart of it efficiency. Silver nanoparticles attack the cell wall where it supresses respiration processes, thus lead to literall suffocating the bacterium. Released Ag+ ions react with – SH residues present on numerous enzymes, thus blocking their function. Reactive oxygen species get released as well which ultimately contribute to bacterial death.

First clinical trials of silver in nanoparticulate form have shown very high efficiency in combatting bacterial and yeast infections. You can read about some tests and see the images on the website. Since bacterial resistance, as known from common antibiotics is not developed against silver, TraumaPet® can also be used prevetatively.


TraumaPet® oto Ag is suitable for treatment of otitis. It was shown efficient against bacterial as well as yeast infection. After examination and cleaning of the ear canal, it is necessary to ensure direct application onto the affected tissue. A few drops can be applied to the external ear canal and massaged in gently. This procedure should be repeated at least for five days. Since resistance does not arise, ear can be preventatively cleaned by this preparation.


TraumaPet® gel Ag is suited for application onto the surface of an open wound, including contaminated and necrotising wounds. This product supports granulation and prevents primary and secondary infection. Optimal efficiency is secured by keeping the gel moist. The wound is thus best bandaged. Refreshment is best every 12 hours at the start of the treatment up to 24 hours later on. In case the wound cannot be bandaged, the animal should be prevented from licking or scratching it and apply the gel more frequently or chose the cream which does not dry out so rapidly.


TraumaPet® cremor Ag is cream suited for application onto open wounds which cannot be easily bandaged. Typical application may be onto surface lesions or small infections between fingers or burns, skin inflammations in the area of head, tails and skin folds dermatitis. Cream can be applied twice a day or more frequently if necessary.


All TraumaPet® products require correct indication and medical examination of the affected area. For that reason they can only be accessed through you veterinarian.