TraumaPet® gel tuba


Odour elimination, disinfection and surface cleaning, especially suitable for veterinary practices, waiting rooms, portable cages and kennels and all places in flats and houses where animals rest.

Equally suitable for disinfecting cars where animals are transported. The formulation can be applied, wherever biological odours need to be eliminated and the area sanitized.


Water based solution with the content of photocatalytic nanoparticles of Titanium dioxide, which upon illumination create reactive oxygen, peroxide and hydoxyl species, which react with organic compounds and pollutants in their immediate vicinity and cause their neutralisation. Treatment equally efficient in destroying pathogens such as bacteria and viruses. The effect lasts for several weeks since application.


Water, Nanoparticulate Titanium dioxide


Spray bottle 200 ml

Mode of applicaitons

Spray coat the treated surface until evenly moist. Especially effective on porour and absorbant surfaces. Activation is necessary, either by natural sunlight (direct or diffuse) or by artificial lamps or LEDs. The effect is observable affter several hours or days, as a function of light intesity.