TraumaPet® gel tuba


Acceleration of wound healing. The preparation is suitable for application onto badly healing wounds, especially infected.



TraumaPet® Gel Ag is a product with silver nanoparticles for local application on animals. A major component is waster, which hydrates the wound and thus accelerates healing and recovery. Years of research and trials have shown that nanosilver is highly antibacterial and fungicidal. The preparation is non-toxic.

Composition of TraumaPet® gel Ag

Nanosilver 400 ug Ag in 1 ml of gel, purified water, carbomerum, sodium hydroxide for pH adjustment.

TraumaPet® gel tuba


15 ml, 30 ml a 200 ml

Directions for use

Apply gel directly onto affected wound to forma continuous layer 2-3 mm in thicknes to cover the whole area. Cover the wound gently with a bandage. Repat every 12-48 hours, depending on severity and progression of recovery. Wound should be kept moist. Drying out causes loss in efficiency.

Product is suitable for all animals.
No cotraindications are known. Silver allergy is extramely rare.

Use within 2 years from the date of production (shown on the packaging).

Store in cool to room temperature conditions and dark.