TraumaPet® ophtal Ag


Cleans and moisturizes the eye. It is Suitable for speeding up the recovery in case of eye and eyelid inflammations and infections both of bacterial and yeast origin. In case of non-infectious inflammations is the efficiency restricted.


TraumaPet® ophtal Ag is a sterile product, suitable for moisturizing and cleaning of the eye and conjunctiva. It is also suitable as an auxiliary treatment in the case of non-infectious inflammations. It contains silver nanoparticles. Ringer’s solution was selected as the carrier fluid since its osmotic potential is comparable to that of tears.

Years of clinical trials have demonstrated antimicrobial, fungicidal and anti-inflammatory effects of silver.

The product is non-toxic.

Composition of TraumaPet® ophtal Ag

Colloidal silver 20 µg (0,002%) in 1 ml of eye drops, Ringer’s solution.


10 ml

Directions for use

Regularly (2-5x per day) apply drop-wise into the affected eye. The amount is dependent on the size of the animal ( 2 -10 drops).

The product is suitable for all kinds of pets.

No contradictions known. Silver allergy is possible, yet extremely rare.

Use within 2 years of the date displayed on the packaging.