TraumaPet® otto tuba


The product is intended for treatment of pets after dental surgeries and as a supplementary treatment to mouth cavity inflammations.


TraumaPet® oral gel Ag is a veterinary preparation with a content of nanosilverfor local application in the mouth. It is hydrophobic and adheres well to the buccal cavity mucosa with for a period of 2-3 hours.

Composition of TraumaPet® oral gel Ag

Paraffin oil, methylhydroxypropylcelulose, polyethylene, colloidal silver 200 µg/g


Applicator 5 ml

Directions for use

Apply the gel directly with the applicator and a finger on the gums and tooth neck in the affected areas. Remove excessive plaque and saliva prior to application.

No contraindications are known for this preparation. It is suitable for all pets. Allergic reactions to silver are possible although extremely rare.