TraumaPet® otto tuba


Cleaning of external ear canal, ear wax removal. Suitable for treatment of infections of external ear canal of yeast and bacterial origin.

Efficiency in treatment of mixed and non bacterial or yeast aetiology is limited.


TraumaPet® oto Ag aids in dissolving and removal of accumulated ear wax. It supports recovery and healing of complicated inflammations and infections of the external ear canal due to its content of silver nanoparticles. Years of research and trials have shown that nanosilver is highly antibacterial and fungicidal. The preparation is non-toxic.

Composition of TraumaPet® oto Ag

Silver nanoparticles 150 ug Ag in 1 ml of ear drops, purified water, isopropyl alcohol, glycerine, sodium bicarbonate.


50 ml a 100 ml

Directions for use

Use repeatedly 2-5x per day, drop into the ear canal.

Product is intended for treatment of yeast and bacterial infections.
Product is suitable for all animals.
No cotraindications are known. Silver allergy is extramely rare.

Use within 2 years from the date of production (shown on the packaging).

Store at room temperature conditions in dark.