The product series TraumaPet® Ag uses the advances in preparation of materials by nanotechnological methods. The target is to improve the quality of life of our furry friends by treating unpleasant medical conditions, which might cause us more worry than diseases of our own. It could be small cuts, wounds and skin conditions, which are often complicated by infection as well as scars following a surgery. TraumaPet® products improve healing and shorten the recovery period which is appreciated by the owners and limits the suffering of our dearest animal companions. Shortening of the recovery period by up to several days is a huge relief to the animals as well as their owners.

TraumaPet® products contain all the well-known compounds which are known to accelerate healing and minimize complications and in addition also silver, whose medical effects have been appreciated for centuries.

Nanotechnology enables o fabricate silver in a nanocrystalline quality, which markedly enhance its efficiency. Such an advancemement will have a massive impact on microbiology, as well as the treatment of infections and wounds.

In addition to the antibacterial effect, silver has been shown to accelerate the recovery of tissue especially in slow healing wounds. A simple observation, such as less reddening in the area of the injury, means that the inflammation is soothed.

Silver has been used for a long time as a prevention and treatment to a plethora of diseases, especially involving bacterial infections. It is well documented that silver coins were used in ancient Greece and Rome as a disinfecting agent during the storage of water and other liquids. In the year 1992, researchers at the medical college of Geneve University postulated, that noble metals, including silver would be used in the near future to combat viral and bacterial infections, including mutated pathogens, which in the recent years cause very serious and practically untreatable infections. In 1995, the study was further expanded by scientists from Philadelphia, which observed that colloidal silver, (solution with positively charged silver particles) inhibited multiplication of viruses and possibly also lead to their deactivation.

Another series of research from 1992 have shown, that silver also inhibits the growth of Candida albicans, a yeast pathogen.

Currently, silver also founds use in water purification in the Space Shuttle and other space missions as well as in underwear which extends their usability.

For veterinary applications we have selected nanoparticulate silver developed in the Regional Center for Advanced Technologies and Materials of the Palacky University in Olomouc, Czech Republic. This nanoparticilate silver combines the safety, functionality economic viability and importantly reproducible quality, which are all necessary for medical application.